Device enrollment 

Enrollment is one of the first steps in the MDM lifecycle, for initiating device management. Enrolling the devices is used on-board them to the MDM solution after which the policies and/or apps can be distributed to the devices.

Enrollment is a mandatory step in device management and can be time-consuming based on the size of the organization. However, with MDM you have multiple methods of enrollment pertaining to every organization and their needs.

In case of devices already in use, you can have the devices enrolled by the sysadmin/employees themselves within minutes. If the devices are with the employees, you can create enrollment invite which is mailed to the employees, who use it to enroll the devices. These invites can be sent in bulk or one by one.

In case of devices yet to be activated(powered for the first time) or devices which can be factory reset, MDM provides another set of simpler and faster enrollment methods. These methods are especially useful in case of a predominant mobile-first workforce where the organizations might stock and distribute the mobile devices to the employees or require additional control over the devices.

To cater to these requirements, MDM provides you with a set of enrollment methods known as Admin enrollment methods. These methods are two-pronged: lets you enroll devices in bulk through an admin-performed one-time operation and also provides the enterprise with additional control over the device. These methods range from semi-automated Admin enrollment methods(requires some user intervention) to fully automatic enrollment methods(device gets enrolled with MDM out-of-the-box). Certain enrollment methods have additional benefits such as prevention of users revoking MDM management, mandatory installation of ME MDM app during enrollment, skipping the initial device activation steps etc. Refer this to know more details about enrollment methods