Seamless troubleshooting using Remote Control

Remote troubleshooting is always one of the biggest tools in an IT administrator's arsenal, as almost half of the tickets raised in an organization usually requires troubleshooting the devices. With MDM MSP's remote troubleshooting, you can remotely troubleshoot Android devices and iOS devices. In case of Samsung devices, you can take complete control of the devices while you can view the device screen in case of other Android and all iOS devices.

ManageEngine pre-integrates with Zoho Assist in case of Remote Troubleshoot, which lets you view/control the device from the MDM MSP console. One of the biggest benefits with Remote Troubleshooting is that it doesn't require any additional app(s) to be installed on the device as the lightweight ME MDM app present on the device doubles up as the remote control agent. Another benefit is that the remote session can be initiated right from the MDM MSP server, without requiring any other application to be installed and/or opened. Further, you can also choose to configure the video quality in the remote session based on the network connectivity available.

In addition to remote troubleshooting the device, you can chat with the device user right the device view windows, further easing the process of the troubleshooting. Further, you can execute remote commands from the chat window as a part of your troubleshooting. Commands such as rebooting, exiting Kiosk mode etc, can be executed using these chat commands.

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