Secure distribution/viewing of confidential corporate data 

One of the common concerns when it comes to using mobile devices is the need to secure to corporate data which is shared in the form of documents. The usual method is to share it as an e-mail attachment or have it downloaded it from an internal link. But this creates security issues at multiple levels, as explained below:

  • Usage of a third-party e-mail service for sharing the document
  • Files get saved locally on the device
  • Usage of third-party services to view the document
  • Usage of third-party cloud services, where the document may be synced

With MDM MSP's content management, you can silently share, update and delete documents without any user intervention. To further fortify security, the documents sent via MDM can be viewed only using the ME MDM app present on the device. The ME MDM app houses an in-app reader specifically for this purpose. The documents sent to the device is saved only within the ME MDM app from where it can be viewed, thus providing a sandbox for the documents.

The document on being updated/deleted on the MDM server, gets automatically reflected in near-real time on the devices, to which the document was previously shared. MDM currently supports sharing files in the following formats:

doc, pdf, xls, ppt, txt, xps, pptx, docx, xlsx, epub, rtf, html

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