Securing lost devices

One of the primary reasons for mobile devices becoming the device of preference in organizations, is its portability. With mobile devices being small and handy to carry, it facilitates working on the go. However, this portability also comes with a disadvantage - the devices can be easily lost or stolen.

The bigger problem with losing the device is the corporate data present within the device, which can lead to hazardous consequences. MDM MSP has a dedicated feature to secure lost devices, which is Lost Mode. This feature secures the device and specifically the data present in the device.

There are a number of settings which get configured when a device is marked as lost in MDM MSP:

  • Devices are remotely locked with the option of showing a lockscreen message, which also includes a contact number and a call button, to contact the rightful owner.
  • The existing passcode is reset, to further fortify security
  • Optionally provide ticket details to audit the lost device recovery process
  • The current location of the device
  • Fully wiping/wiping only the corporate data on the device, to secure the data

You can know more about Lose Mode here.