Inventory management and reports

Unlike traditional workstations, which reside within the physical workspace of an enterprise, mobile devices are used from multiple locations, making the process of managing and controlling them more complicated.

Enterprises need to monitor their mobile assets to make sure they are abiding with company policies. For example, because jailbroken and rooted devices pose a risk of being attacked by hackers, they shouldn't be allowed to access corporate resources.

With its mobile asset management feature, Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP reduces the complexity of constantly scanning devices to determine whether they're compliant, letting administrators easily track and analyze asset information.

With our mobile asset management solutions, admins can:

  1. Scan devices connected within the network to ensure they are compliant with company policies.
  2. View device details such as device type and operating system.
  3. Generate a wide range of reports that can be scheduled for any time.
  4. Locate devices in real time with geotracking.
  5. Remotely troubleshoot mobile devices in real time. 
  6. View a summary of the apps running on devices.