Distribute documents to mobile devices

Sharing documents is one of the most elementary tasks in any organization. But, without the right document sharing method, sharing files can be tedious and time-consuming. Every business has different needs when it comes to sharing documents. Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP's document sharing feature fulfills your mobile content management (MCM) needs for both iOS and Android devices.

Benefits of document distribution:

Mobile Device Manager Plus' document sharing feature offers the following benefits:

  • Supports multiple file formats: Distribute documents in various formats, like .doc, .pdf, .pptx, and more.
  • Segregate documents: Segregate documents and distribute them to the devices that need them.
  • Prevent document sharing from devices: Make sure documents distributed from the Mobile Device Manager Plus server are only opened in trusted apps. Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP keeps shared documents secure by preventing users from sharing documents with other devices or copying documents to other apps.
  • Automatic document update: Modify documents saved on Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP server and push those modifications automatically to all devices the document is shared with.

Document distribution using Mobile Device Manager Plus involves just two steps:

  1. Create and add documents to a repository on the Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP console.
  2. Distribute documents either to all devices or to required groups.

Refer to this help document for more detailed steps on how to distribute documents to devices.