Unable to complete on-demand tasks: "Agent version is not compatible"


You are trying to complete the following on-demand tasks:

  • Scanning for patches
  • Shutting down computers remotely
  • Establishing Remote Control
  • Moving agents from one remote office to another

However, you encounter an error - "Agent version is not compatible".


When you try to take control of a remote computer or perform a patch scan manually you get an error "Agent version is not compatible". The central server tries to upgrade the agent automatically, however it fails due to one of the following reasons:

  • Communication between the Central Server and the Distribution Server(DS) has failed
  • Agent binaries might be corrupted. 


  1. Verify connectivity between Central server and the Distribution server, you can verify this from the web console Admin -> under SoM Settings -> Scope of Management -> Remote Offices (left tab) -> DS Last Contact Time.
  2. Ensure the DS is replicating after the last contact time mentioned, based on the replication interval set (mentioned under replication policy). Also, read the Remarks to verify the status of DS. You can read the remarks from Admin -> Remote Office -> Remarks.
  3. Ensure the central server and the Distribution server folders are excluded from Anti-Virus scanning.
  4. Agent Binaries might be incomplete, retry to configure agent settings/retry agent generation SoM Settings-> Agent Settings->Save Changes.
  5. Troubleshoot the issue using Troubleshoot option. You can do that from System Tray -> right click on the application icon and choose "Troubleshoot".
  6. From the computer where UEMS agent is installed, try to verify the connectivity to reach the central server by, pinging the central server. 
  7. If you still find the problem persists, contact Support with Server & Agent logs

Applies to: Remote Control, Agent Version is not compatible, Remote Control Failure, Patch Scanning

Keywords: Remote Control failure, Agent Upgrade, Agent Version incompatible