Unable to download the patches from the server - "Error 404"


While trying to deploy the patches from the server to agents, the deployment fails with the remark "Patch Store location is not available to download the patches from the Server" - "Error 404" or "Unable to download the patches from the server".


This issue occurs because the patch is not present in the server store. The possible reasons for this issue could be:

  1. The patch store has been changed.
  2. The Continue deployment option has been chosen in the configuration.


  1. If the patch download fails after changing the store location, copy all the files from the old store to new store location and restart the server.
  2. If the Continue deployment option is selected, it initiates the agents to continue patching even when some of the patches are failed to download in the server. At this time, this error would have occurred. If the failed patches are successfully redownloaded, they will be installed in the subsequent refresh cycle (within the deployment window).

If none of the above resolutions work, kindly Contact Support.