Premature End Of File Exception


When a patch download is interrupted, then Premature EOF(End Of File) Error occurs.


Patch download failure occurs due to either of the following reasons:

  • Due to any network issue, the patches wouldn't have been downloaded properly.
  • The Antivirus activity might interrupt the patch download process.


The user should find the cause manually. If it is found that the problem is with the User's Network, then the User must contact his Network Administrator to resolve this. If the patch has been downloaded successfully by using manual steps, then the User should contact  Support.

The steps to be followed to find out the reason behind this issue are listed below:

  1. Firstly, download the patches from the browser manually. To download from the browser, you can get the patch download link by clicking on the Patch ID, which will redirect you to the vendor's site. From there you can download it and then save it to the store location. The save location should be directly targeted to the  store.
  2. If the download fails, then exclude server installed folder from antivirus blocking.
  3. If you get the 'Download failed' message again, even after following the above-mentioned steps, then contact your Network Administrator.