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  • Track and disable AD users who never logged on
  • Inventorying Computers in an Active Directory Domain
  • Finding Users in Active Directory based on Logon Hours
  • Active Directory Security: Tracking Crucial Admin Groups
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  • Hilal Ahmad - System Admin, Ajman Municipality
  • Anand P - System Engg., Drydocks World
  • Salem Ahmed Ebrahim - Emirates Steel
  • Allan Yu - Abu Dhabi University
  • Tom Hilzer - Help Desk Manager of Sansum clinic
  • Daniel Rose - National Library, Canberra, Australia
  • Ashley - MacMillam Cancer Support
  • Warner Bros - US
  • Tyrus Cooper - City of ElPaso, Texas
  • Margeret - CareTech Solutions, Inc
  • Ragid Kader - Qatar Gas Transport Company, Nakilat
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  • OU/Role-based Delegation

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