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ADManager Plus Features

  • Active Directory Management

  • Active Directory Reports

  • AD Delegation / Workflow

  • MS Exchange Management

Active Directory Management

Simplify Active Directory management by effecting bulk creation and modification of accounts, delegation and rep.

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AD Bulk User Management

Using CSV files, modify user attributes in bulk, reset passwords and move users and user objects in bulk.

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Active Directory Bulk User creation

Create & deploy users in bulk with all attributes including exchange mailbox & terminal services & assign them to groups using CSV import.

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Active Directory Bulk User modification

Reset passwords, unlock users, move users, delete/enable/disable users, add to and remove from groups and modify attributes including exchange and terminal services in bulk.

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Inactive/Disabled User Account Management

Clean up your AD by generating a list of inactive or disabled accounts and easily delete, enable or move them.

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Active Directory Password Management

Reset multiple user accounts passwords, configure password settings and enable/disable users whose passwords expire.

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Mobile Active Directory User Management

Reset passwords, enable, disable, unlock and delete user accounts from your mobile iOS or Android device.

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Active Directory Computer Management

Create computers, enable, disable and move computers in bulk and change their general attributes and group memberships in bulk.

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Microsoft 365 Management and Reporting

Manage and generate reports on users & groups in your Microsoft 365 setup and Active Directory from a single console using ADManager Plus.

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Management From Reports

Generate, schedule and export over 150 complete and comprehensive pre-installed reports on your Active Directory infrastructure.

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Template/CSV Based Management

Create and modify bulk user accounts including exchange attributes by applying customized templates or by importing CSV data.

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Group Management

Perform bulk group management by creating/moving/deleting/modifying groups, members in groups and distribution lists and configure organization and exchange attributes.

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Active Directory Contact Management

Create, modify and delete Active Directory contacts in bulk using templates or CSV based import and also export contacts.

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Active Directory Group Policy Management

Manage multiple GPOs in your AD by enabling/disabling, enforcing/unenforcing, managing GPO inheritance and linkages.

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Terminal Services Management

Modify terminal services home folder, profile path, start programs, session duration and remote settings for multiple user accounts.

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Active Directory OU (Organizational Unit) Management

Manage OUs (organizational units) in Active Directory in bulk easily; Create, modify, move or delete multiple OUs at once from a web-based console, using only mouse clicks.

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Google Workspace Provisioning

Provision user accounts in Google Workspace and Active Directory in bulk or single instance simultaneously using a single console.

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AD User Photo Management

Upload, crop or edit, replace and remove profile pictures of a single AD user, multiple users in a OU, or all Active Directory users at once.

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Identity orchestration

Orchestrate a series of management tasks across enterprise applications at defined time intervals using webhooks, custom notifications, and logic blocks with drag-and-drop actions.

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AD File Permissions Management

Active Directory File Permissions Management

Manage NTFS and share permissions for folders and files by tightening access controls of users in bulk in Active Directory.

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Active Directory NTFS Permissions Management

Manage NTFS permissions for users in bulk by modifying, revoking and organizing permissions in a few clicks.

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Windows Share Permissions Management

Control user access and activity on shares in the organization by modifying and revoking permissions to folders and server shares.

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Backup and Recovery

AD Backup and Recovery

Back up all AD objects like users, groups, GPOs, OUs, Exchange attributes, DNS information, computers, and contacts and restore them either partially or completely.

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Google Workspace Backup and Recovery

Back up all the items in Gmail (including all emails, contacts, journals, notes, posts, and tasks), Calendar, and User Drive data. Use these backups to restore any data when necessary, irrespective of when the data was deleted.

Azure AD Backup and Recovery

Backup Azure AD objects like users, groups, devices, applications, domains, service principals, and directory roles and restore the objects entirely or only the specified attributes as and when required.

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