How to sync an Active Directory (AD) object using PowerShell.

This article explains the procedure to use PowerShell to sync an AD object from one domain controller (DC) to another DC in the domain . Sync-ADObject is the cmdlet you'll have to use to replicate an AD object from one DC, the source, to another DC, destination, as shown below.

Powershell script

Sync-ADObject -Object "CN=SuperMan,DC=SaveTheWorld,DC=com" -Source DC1 -Destination DC2

But to manage your AD and all the accounts and objects in it, there's a far simpler option compared to PowerShell, ADManager Plus.

The best alternative to PowerShell for AD management and reporting

ADManager Plus helps manage and report on multiple platforms, AD, Office 365 and Exchange from a single unified console. It also offers purpose-built management features and reports to simplify AD, Office 365 and Exchange management and reporting. Further, it offers secure role-based delegation, approval-based workflow, and AD automation capabilities.

Advantages of ADManager Plus over PowerShell

  • All-inclusive scripting-free, unified console: ADManager Plus, unlike PowerShell makes it possible to manage and report on AD, Office 365, Exchange Server, Google Workspace, Skype for Business, and more, all from an all-in-one web-based console, with point and click actions. No more struggling with scripting, multiple consoles, CLIs, tools, etc.
  • Purpose-built management features: Be it AD, Office 365 or Exchange, ADManager Plus offers predefined task templates which allow you to:
    • Provision AD accounts, and modifying them; cleanup stale accounts, manage GPOs and more
    • Create Exchange mailboxes, assign mailbox policies, manage Exchange features such as OWA, OMA or ActiveSync, etc.
    • Create Office 365 users, manage licenses, and more.

    In fact, these built-in management features allow you to manage objects and accounts in multiple platforms, in bulk, with purely GUI-based actions.

  • Built-in reports library with over 200 reports: Reporting on AD, Office 365, Exchange and Google Workspace is turned into a simple point and click activity. Generate reports on AD users, groups, computers, GPO, and more; Office 365 users, licenses, distribution and dynamic distribution groups and their members, etc.; Exchange mailbox enabled users, mail-enabled groups, etc.; NTFS and share permissions reports; compliance based reports, and more, instantly.
  • Privileged access management: Manage security group membership, and file server permissions in bulk. Analyze users' and groups' privileges and permissions with detailed nested group membership reports, and file server permissions reports to identify excessive and inappropriate permissions and remove them. Control access to critical data easily.
  • OU-based granular and secure delegation: Create and assign custom help desk roles, with appropriate tasks or operations, to delegate AD management and reporting operations to help desk, non-admin or even non-IT users such as HRs. As these permissions are specific to the product--users' permissions will not be elevated in AD--and the users will be able to perform only the delegated operations, in the delegated domains, OUs and groups, also, this delegation is completely secure.
  • Customizable approval-based workflow: Monitor, and streamline operations in AD, Office 365, Exchange and more, with multi-level review-approve based workflow, and real-time notifications.
  • Automation: Be it a standalone task like creating user identities, assigning Office 365 licenses, or stale account cleanup, or even managing the complete life cycle of user accounts, ADManager Plus. allows you to automate any operation quickly and easily.
  • Out-of-the-box integrations: ADManager Plus integrates with help desk software such as ServiceDesk Plus, ServiceNow, and Zendesk; databases such as Oracle and MS SQL, HRMS applications like Workday, BambooHR, UKG Pro, and Zoho People; Syslog and Splunk; and more, for a holistic and integrated approach to IAM.

An integrated Active Directory, Office 365, Exchange, Google Workspace, and Skype for Business management tool with purpose-built features.

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