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About Global Aerospace Logistics LLC

Global Aerospace Logistics LLC (GAL), based in Abu Dhabi, is a provider of professional aerospace services, and aims to become the Middle East's leading provider of aviation maintenance, repair, overhaul, and specialized support services. GAL holds several maintenance and integrated logistics services contracts across the United Arab Emirates, and continues to expand its support capabilities to customers throughout the region.

Business Challenge

The infrastructure engineering team at GAL was in a fix when they were tasked with managing close to 4,000 endpoints spread across three branches. If that wasn't a task in itself, they had to manage these endpoints in a closed network; that is, a network that has no connection to the internet.

The team had no idea what patches these endpoints needed, and the thought of manually patching the applications one endpoint at a time was a nightmare. They also had an assortment of in-house applications developed for specific needs that needed to be installed on end users' machines. These tasks demanded a lot of time—time they didn't have.

GAL's team needed software they could rely on to manage their endpoints without the help of the internet. They first needed insights on the endpoints: the applications present in each endpoint, their latest versions, and applications that weren't up to date. Based on the inventory, they needed to decide which endpoints needed which software, distribute that software to the endpoints, and patch the applications in need, all from a central location.

The Decision to Adopt Endpoint Central

When the team started their evaluations, they became frustrated when they ran into solutions that were limited to patching native applications only, or were difficult to set up in a closed network. These limitations encouraged them to look elsewhere, and that's when they discovered Endpoint Central, which was exactly what they were looking for.

With Endpoint Central, the team was able to take complete inventory of GAL's network, just by deploying agents onto its computers; what would have taken days to do manually, they were able to do in minutes. Endpoint Central provided start-to-finish endpoint management capabilities, from cross-platform and third-party patching to software deployment and comprehensive inventory management.

GAL's team had a slew of software applications tailor-made by developers for specific requirements. With Endpoint Central, they could easily distribute these applications to target computers. What's more, they could host these applications in a central repository, and have the end users choose and install applications as and when they need them.