Modern management features in Endpoint Central

Endpoint Central is a Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution that leverages mobile device management capabilities to bring you top-of-the-line modern management features. Fight the inefficiencies of maintaining separate endpoint management tools and bring them all under a single roof. Take incremental steps for the transition from device-centric to user-centric approach by co-managing Windows 10 devices alongside mobile devices from a unified console.

  • Seamless enrollment: Use any supported modern enrollment technique, including email-based enrollment, self-enrollment, and admin enrollment using Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer(ICD)
  • Complete wipe: Fight malware and external attacks by performing corporate wipe remotely to protect the data on your users' device. In case of theft/lost devices, you can perform a complete wipe that makes the device brand-new.
  • Corporate wipe: Sit back and relax while we help you track your missing devices. On one hand, this aids you in retrieving lost devices and on the other hand, it helps you secure your stolen devices with corporate wipe.
  • Geo tracking: Track the geographical location of devices anytime and be sure not to let the devices off your radar. With geo tracking, you can locate all the managed Windows 10 laptops, desktops and mobile devices.
  • Distribute profiles: Impose policies and restrictions to the managed Windows 10 computers, tablets and mobile devices. The specifications of these profiles can be customized for managing Windows devices.
  • Containerization: The rise of BYOD strategy requires a better targeted means of data erasure. Embrace sophisticated ways to protect your corporate date and experience the best of both worlds by securing the corporate data while preserving your personal data. Restrict the outside apps from accessing your corporate apps by encrypting the corporate data container.
  • Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP): Protect corporate data by restricting unknown devices from accessing your corporate network. Access validation by issuing client certificates is no longer a herculean task. With SCEP in hand, dispatching certificates is a piece of cake without the need to approve each certificate manually.
  • Kiosk mode: Enhance the productivity by selectively locking the device to a single application or a specific set of applications.The home page is customized with the permitted apps so that, the end users are disabled from making amendments to the device settings.
  • App distribution: Be it enterprise apps or apps from the store, all you will have to do is, retain it in your app catalog and distribution becomes more seamless than ever before. Manage and distribute enterprise apps by adding an App Enrollment Token or a Code Signing Certificate.
  • Silent installation: Business productivity applications that are platform-specific can be installed without any user intervention.

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