Patches do not get listed


No patches are listed in "Applicable" and "Missing Patches."


  1. Endpoint Central Agents may not be installed in all the managed computers.
  2. The systems have not been scanned even once.
  3. The missing patches might not be rated high as per severity.


  1. Check for reasons that have lead to Agent Installation Failure and correct the same.
  2. Configure Patch Scanning for periodic scanning.
  3. You can increase the severity of the missing patches if they were not deployed because of low severity. To increase the severity follow the steps mentioned below;
    1. Click Admin Tab
    2. Click Automate Patch Deployment
    3. Select the Task that needs to be modified
    4. Under Deployment settings, modify the severity.

Applies to: Patch Deployment, Patch List, Patch Installation, Patch Management

Keywords: Patch Management, List Applicable Patches, Vulnerability Scan, Deploy patch, Install Service Pack

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