UEM Central + Zendesk

Meet your SLAs faster than ever

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The Zendesk benchmark for resolving tickets in one touch is 83 percent. Are you close to meeting that goal? Don’t worry, this target is well in your grasp with the Endpoint Central - Zendesk integration.


Foolproof network security.

Automate patch management, uninstall blacklisted applications, and secure USB devices.

All-in-one remote sessions from tickets.

Transfer files, invite another technician, and initiate a chat, voice, or video call, and record sessions.

Out-of-the-box software deployment.

Leverage automated installation and uninstallation of software from the ticket window.

Real-time IT asset management.

Map Endpoint Central and Zendesk assets to view comprehensive asset details from tickets.

Manage power consumption from your desk.

Leverage a wide range of power saving schemes to remotely lock, shut down, restart, hibernate, and wake computers.

Assorted system manager tools.

Access over 12 effective tools to troubleshoot computers without starting a remote session.


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