Config File Manager Tool

    OpUtils Config File Manager utility downloads the StartUp and/or the Running configuration files from the managed Cisco devices including Cisco routers and switches. It enables you to compare different configuration file versions, and upload them to the device. The tool uses TFTP to download and upload the managed configuration files. You can also schedule backups of the configuration files from the device at the specified interval.

    This help section guides you in,

    Adding devices to Config File Manager

    1. Under Config File Manager, click on Add Device.
    2. To manually import an individual Cisco device,
      1. Select the Add option.
      2. Specify the IP Address / Host name, and the device description.
      3. Select the appropriate SNMP credential or create a new credential by clicking on Add Credential.
    3. To import devices using CSV file,
      1. Select Import From CSV option.
      2. Browse and input the file path in the Import File field.
      3. Create or select the required SNMP credential.
    4. Click on Import.

    Specifying IP address for TFTP server

    If you are running OpUtils in a machine that has multiple IP addresses, it is required to bind the TFTP server to a specific IP address to successfully back up the configuration files.

    1. Click on Settings.
    2. Under OpUtils click on Config File Manager.
    3. In the General tab, specify the TFTP server's IP address that you wish to bind.
    4. Click Save.

    Note: The downloaded configuration files are stored in the TFTP Root Directory.

    Viewing Configuration Files History

    Config File Manager logs a history of the startup and running configuration files that are downloaded using OpUtils. This includes both manual and scheduled backups of the configuration files.

    To view the complete configuration file back up history of a specific Cisco device, click on the IP address of that particular device displayed in the Config File Manager tab. This lists all the device's configuration files downloaded using OpUtils.

    You can view the startup and running configuration files, and compare them to view the difference between the files, for of all the versions from the History tab. The versions are named with the date and time of the download. You can also upload the startup or running configuration file of any version back to the device.