Multisite support

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What is multisite support for MSPs?

More often than not, organizations have multiple locations called sites. As an MSP who provides services for many client accounts, managing their multiple sites is challenging. Multisite support involves a streamlined system that allows you to have centralized control and manage your clients' multiple sites all in one place.

Why is multisite support important?

Managing each client's multiple sites can be overwhelming when requests start pouring in. What if you were to use a separate tool to manage each site? With the flurry of emails, tasks, SLAs, and reminders, some of those requests are bound to fall through the cracks. Multisite support banishes the challenges that come along with handling clients' multiple sites. It does this by tying the sites to a common platform, giving you better control of the service desk.

ServiceDesk Plus MSP for multisite support.

Struggling to manage clients that are spread across various regions and sites, all with different operating rules, working hours, and time zones? Then ServicDesk Plus MSP has your back! From a central console, you can track tickets from multiple sites, while letting the individual sites play by their own rules. Manage each site independently to maintain unique workflows.

MSP multi-site support


Multi-site account configuration




Form a global network with your organization. Take service delivery to the next level.

  • Configure sites for each account and define time zones, operational hours, and holidays, as well as departments, user groups, and SLAs.
  • Create separate business rules and SLAs for each site.
  • Associate individual technicians and technician groups to sites for efficient ticket handling.
  • Form user groups by site, and share custom request forms, solutions, and announcements.
  • Copy the default settings of the account or have custom settings for each site.
  • Take advantage of site-based help desk dashboards for quick and easy request tracking.
  • Report comprehensively on site-specific ticket statistics, problems, changes, and IT assets.
  • Assign a technician the site admin role for each site to manage site-specific configurations.