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How to build an effective service
catalog in 7 easy steps

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How to create a service catalog

What is a service catalog?

An IT service catalog is the single source of accurate information on all IT services offered by an organization's IT department.

What are the benefits of using a service catalog?

An effective service catalog:

How to build a service catalog?

Step 1: Study business objectives and identify your stakeholders

Start off by answering the following questions:

Step 2: Define and categorize the service offerings

Step 3: Create service-specific SLAs and workflows

Create service-specific SLAs and define fulfillment workflows. Setting realistic fulfillment mandates is key to ensure smooth service delivery.

Step 4: Organize your service fulfillment strategy

Step 5: Design your catalog

Step 6: Publish the service catalog and integrate it with
the self-service portal

Step 7: Practice continual service improvement

Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your service catalog.

Reinforce your service desk
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