How to integrate ServiceDesk Plus with OpManager

  • Log into ServiceDesk Plus. Go to Admin --> General Settings --> ME Integrations --> Click on OpManager.
  • Provide the OpManager server name, port number, and protocol information.
  • To integrate with HTTPS, follow these steps: Download the files from the link provided in the comments section. Extract the files to the ServiceDesk Plus directory. The files will now be in the following location: gencert.bat, under [your drive]:ManageEngine\ServiceDesk directory.
  • Cert.jar should be under [your drive]:ManageEngine\ServiceDesk\lib directory.
  • Click the "Windows icon" and select Command Prompt (Run as administrator).
  • Go to ServiceDesk and run gencert.bat [OPManager server IP]:[OPManager server port]. Type '1' when you are prompted with an exception PKIX.
  • Move the 'jssecacerts' file created to the location [your drive]: ManageEngine\Servicedesk\jre\lib\security folder.
  • Click "Test Connection" and Save.
  • Log in to OpManager.
  • Go to Basic Settings --> Add-on/Products Integration --> ServiceDesk Plus. Provide the ServiceDesk Plus server name, port number, and protocol information. Provide the technician key you generated through the API in ServiceDesk Plus. Provide the username and password, select Local or AD authentication.
  • Click "Sync now" and then click Save.
  • SerivceDesk Plus is now integrated with OpManager.
Resources for further reading

Resources for further reading