How to send custom email notifications to users in ServiceDesk Plus

Welcome to ManageEngine video tutorials. This screencast will help you to configure custom mail notification for requests using the custom triggers feature. Go to and find the topic, sending custom mail notification for requests with configurable XML.

Download the file attached to this particular post and extract the contents of the file under ManageEngine, ServiceDesk, Integration, custom_scripts. Then open the file with say sendemail.xml using notepad or any of the text editor. And in the file, you can specify the server name through which you want to send emails, the port number, the login credentials, and the from address from which you want to trigger email, and the to addresses.

And finally, you can configure what message, how to be sent. And here in the message, you do have an option to specify the field names, which is there on the request. All we need to do is add a "dollar symbol" before and after the field name.

So, once this is configured, save the file, go into the product, go under admin tab, click "custom triggers". Since I have created the trigger already, I'm editing it. Here, specify the action name and specify when it's supposed to execute it, and then specify the criteria in which the script should be invoked. And finally, specify the command python sendemail.xml $COMPLETE_JSON_FILE. And ensure that you're choosing execute script. Save the settings and go back and try create new requests and see how it works.

Click on new incident, specify a requester name, and specify the category as we have defined in the criteria of custom triggers, and create a new requests. You can verify whether the custom trigger has invoked under the history tab. So, here, if you have multiple actions specified, you can see the message, whatever we have set to print on the requests.

Thank you for watching this video. Have a great day.

Resources for further reading

Resources for further reading