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What’s New



  • Attach Change and Detach Change operation added in Project Module
  • Beta Tag removed for Attach Change and Detach Change operation in Project Module


  • Addition of Canada and UK data centers in Getting Started
  • Attribute changes and Sample Input Data have been updated in Request module
  • NewLine character and URL placeholder added for Curl Request in All modules


  • Python requests in Getting Started module updated


  • Sample Input Data for Problem module has been changed
  • Project module attributes has been updated


  • Newly Added Contract Sub Modules- “Contract Note” and “Contract Type”.
  • Beta Tag added for
    • Cancel Contract
    • Add Contract Note
    • Edit Contract Note
    • Delete Contract Note
    • Get Contract Note
    • Get List Contract Note
    • Upload Attachments To Notes
    • Add Contract Type
    • Edit Contract Type
    • Get Contract Type
    • Get List Contract Type
    • Delete Contract Type


  • Beta Tag added for
    • Project Timesheet
    • Milestone Timesheet