A one-stop help desk for all your business units
SupportCenter Plus Features Customer support portals

What is the Portal in SupportCenter Plus?

Have you been struggling to manage support for all the different product and service divisions in your organization? With SupportCenter Plus, you can manage all of these divisions without compromising their autonomy. Deliver a consistent service experience to your customers by streamlining ticket management workflows, and save time by not having to install a new help desk for each business unit.

Create a comprehensive help desk for each division. Serve customers efficiently.

  • Set up individual portals for your products and services, and manage them all in one place.
  • Configure automatic workflows, SLAs, and custom surveys to suit the needs of each portal.
  • Configure a separate mailbox for each portal.
  • Mark portals with different statuses, such as preproduction, production, and retired. Once retired, a portal will remain read-only.
  • Import support reps to SupportCenter Plus from Active Directory.
  • Allow customers to help themselves in the customizable customer portals.
Customer support portals
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