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    Purpose of this Document


    The purpose of this guide is to help developers understand the functionality of API in SupportCenter Plus. It also lists the operations that can be performed, the attributes, and the input and output sample formats of each operation. With this guide, developers can successfully establish an integration between SupportCenter Plus and various other applications and web services.





    SupportCenter Plus API follows the REST pattern to integration and facilitate sharing of data with applications. The REST API conforms to the REST operations of  GET, PUT and POST over HTTP POST or GET method. The resultant output formats is either in json or xml.   


    The integration is established with the help of an API application which performs as a communicator between the two applications. The API application is provided with certain roles and an API key for authentication mechanisms. The operations to be performed are based on the parameter 'operation' and is sent to a url via HTTP POST or GET method.

    The url format is as shown below,


    http://<servername>:<port number>/api/<output format>/<operation+module>?apikey=<apikey>&<params>



    Supported Operations


    The operations that can be performed through API are,

    • Request Related Operations

    adding request details, viewing existing request details, closing requests, viewing time entry details and view request description details.

    • Account/Contacts Related Operations

    adding account details, adding contact details, viewing existing account details, viewing existing contact details and view product details.

    • Solution Related Operations

    View solution details

    • Contract Related Operations

    adding contract details, viewing existing contract details, update contract details and renew contract details.





    To get started with the integration, developers should first assign a role to the API application and generate an API Key. Click here to view the details on accessing SupportCenter Plus API.



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