Product Roadmap

This page provides an overview of what is coming in the future releases of SupportCenter Plus.

Note: This is only a tentative schedule. The implementation of the feature set may vary based on our internal priorities.

If you would like to see something added into our plans, please head here.

ServiceDesk Plus Roadmap



  • Ability to merge accounts.
  • Mandate some fields while create/update an Account
  • Account details

  • Print Account details.
  • Ability to change Account as Subaccount

  • To change Account as subaccount of some other account or change a subaccount to an account.


    Additional Fields

  • Capture different types of information into the knowledge base by using additional fields.
  • Group-specific Solutions

  • Add solutions that are accessible only to a specific group.
  • Insert Solutions in Reply Template

  • In the reply template, add relevant solutions to the user.
  • Comment, Like, Unlike

  • Improve the quality of the solutions by allowing your contacts can comment on, like, or unlike the solution.


  • Reports Should be made import ready.
  • Account specific billing/ revenue reports.
  • SLA based Reports and Columns


  • Service Now Integration.
  • CISCO Integration.
  • Advanced Analytics

  • External widget for Analytics custom table integration.
  • Need to export our allowance and other details in a bill to Analytics.
  • DB Trigger - Option to write custom trigger criteria and script based on tables.

  • DB Trigger - Option to write custom trigger criteria and script based on tables.

Dashboard Enhancements

  • Custom script to generate data.
  • YoY QoQ Comparison widgets.


  • Track to-do items, events and meetings.


  • Feature Request to support Chinese based MAPS App Integration like with BAIDU MAPS and/or AMAPs.


  • Ability to copy account contract for other accounts.
  • Ability to approve time entry and approved time entries should be considered for Billing.
  • Ability to configure multiple contracts for products
  • Flexibility in Contract extension and renewal


  • Follow Requests.

Job Sheet Enhancements

  • Customizable Time Entry format.
  • Time Entry Additional Cost Items.
  • Notes as template variable.


  • Events Schedule and manage events.


    SAML SSO support. Multi IDP.

  • SAML SSO support. Multi IDP.


  • Separate outgoing mail server for sending common notifications


  • Helps to track requests and contracts over speficic product instances.


  • LDAP for Support reps.


  • TFA in mobile app

UI Design


  • Ability to choose Domain Name in Account list page
  • Account details Enhancements

  • Include billing details, Integration with other product links.


    Support Rep Auto Assign

  • Exclude specific Support groups from the auto-assign pool.

Chat Enhancements

  • Integration with other chat tools, such as Telegram, Slack, and Zoho Cliq.


    Maps Enhancements

  • Ability to call/sms support rep from Maps UI.



  • Ability to provide Custom messages in Bills


    Add Links


  • Option to show advisory for Contacts
  • Broadcast Enhancements

  • Broadcasting a message to the selected groups.
  • Custom Filter Enhancements

  • Introducing Advanced Filter in Requests to perform a custom search based on predefined conditions and save them for later use.
  • Calendar Revamp

  • Added a redesigned calendar for date and time fields across the application.
  • Enter time values manually in the date and time fields.

Self Service Portal

  • Assisting Users on Self service portal


  • Microsoft Graph API support for Mails


  • Product API support

Dashboard Enhancements

  • Drill Down Request Analysis



  • Webhooks for Task

Time Sheet

  • Consolidated view of the support reps's work

Time entries

  • New revamped Time Entry UI



    Admin revamp

  • The Admin page is revamped with an all new configurations grouping as well as an improved UI layout for ease of access.
  • Default Chat Reports

  • Reports module now includes pre-defined chat reports such as Chats initiated by a contact, Chats answered by a Support Rep, Unanswered chats, and Completed chats.

Mobile app

  • Feature to list Domain drop down for mobile apps.


    Task List View Enhancement

  • From list view you can now add,pick up or assign tasks


  • Feature to include "El Salvador" in the country list - Account creation page.
  • V3 API

  • Account API.


  • In requests, while adding a task by using the Add Task(s) from Template link, you can preview each task template in full screen.
  • Notification

  • Showing dynamic notifications as desktop notifications
  • Calendar Revamp

  • Calendar Revamp
  • SAML

  • Login via SAML in mobile app.



  • Survey reports page to lists reports in descending order by default. The survey count per page is bumped to 100.
  • Notifications Template

  • Add Account fields and Account additional fields in Notifications templates.
  • Database Migration Tool

  • Introducing a tool to migrate data between two databases (Postgres to MSSQL and vice versa) as well as between operating systems (Linux to Windows and vice versa).


  • Microsoft Calendar.
  • Auth token support for third party


  • Login based Reports
  • Status Changed History, Support Rep Changed History, Group changed history added as a custom report under reports
  • A new query report is added under the Login Reports folder. This report shows the technicians details, their last login time, and their login names available under each support group.
  • A new query report is added under the Login Reports folder. This report shows the support reps' details, their last login time, and their login names available under each support group.
  • Advanced Matrix Report Enhancement

  • Users can now add up to 5 columns/rows while grouping data in Advanced Matrix Reports.
  • Request fields are provided in the Columns drop-down under the Column Grouping section for all modules that support matrix reports.
  • REST API V3 for Query Reports

  • Use API for viewing and executing Query Reports
  • Zoho charts in reports

  • Integration with Zoho Charts, a charting library with rich features and improved UI.
  • Reports Micro Feature

  • Introducing options to export reports without header, schedule multiple reports,save edited custom report, export/schedule mail reports in the XLSX format, notification to notify report deletion.
  • Custom Report Enhancements

  • Generate tabular reports for notes and conversations in requests. Support to add request tag as a column to the tabular report, matrix report, and request metric report.


  • Self Service Portal option to enable/disable Survey Login mode
  • In Admin >> Survey email configuration, the skip survey link is now listed as a variable which you can choose to include in the email content. You can also customize the email content in non-english languages.
  • Survey URL in Request Closure Notification. Survey can be sent along with request closure notification

Advanced Analytics

    Advanced Analytics under Reports Tab

  • Access to Advanced Analytics under the Reports tab in an embedded view and SSO support to access Advanced Analytics.
  • ManageEngine Analytics Plus Cloud Integration

  • ManageEngine Analytics Plus Cloud now integrates with SupportCenter Plus as cloud-based reporting & business intelligence service instead of Zoho Analytics.
  • Ability to integrate all portals of SupportCenter Plus with Analytics Plus

  • Integrate Advanced Analytics and sync data instantly across several portals. You can also choose to have a common/separate account for each portal.
  • AnalyticsPlus Quick Installation

  • Now you can easily integrate AnalyticsPlus with SupportCenter Plus if you choose to install Analytics Plus in the same server as SupportCenter Plus. Quick setup wizards will help you set up analytics plus in no time.
  • SCP Survey in A-Plus

  • Advanced analytics integration for SupportCenter Plus now supports Survey data. Users can now create reports and dashboards in Zoho Analytics/ManageEngine Analytics Plus using the survey data from SupportCenter Plus.


  • CAPTCHA authentication for our mobile applications
  • Mandate HTTPS during startup

Dashboard Enhancements

  • Custom filter enhancements in dashboard widgets
  • Custom status & List view pop-up filters
  • Embed dashboard & widgets in other websites
  • personalization

  • Personalize Site or group filters by view based.


    Task Dependency Enhancement

  • The UI for task dependency mapping is revamped for better user experience.
  • API support added for task dependencies.
  • Resource Planning

  • Under the Resource Management tab, you can now easily manage your resources; their availability, load and utilization, and task assignment.
  • Task Custom Trigger and Task Custom Function

  • User can now configure custom triggers for tasks to automatically trigger actions on a task using a script file or a custom function.
  • Task custom functions can be executed via task custom triggers to access any data from SupportCenter Plus and schedule periodic customized actions.
  • UI Enhancements

  • Tasks UI is now revamped.


    Drill-down Analysis for Requests

  • Perform/Share drill-down analysis on requests from the reports module.
  • Request Notifications and Conversations

  • V3 API support for reply and conversation in requests
  • Reply All option in request conversation and description sections
  • Support to add attachments for drafts
  • New variables $description.attachments and $resolution.attachments are added in system notifications and reply templates to support attachments.


    Announcement V3 API

  • V3 APi support for announcements
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