Audit ports in use

Any application or service running on a system utilizes a port to make itself accessible over the network. It is imperative to have continuous visibility over the ports that are active in your system and discover what is listening on each port. By monitoring the ports in use and processes running in it, you can easily identify unintended ports that may be activated by malware or unknown applications. But auditing ports in use on each system in your network gets onerous without a centralized tool.

With Vulnerability Manager Plus' port audit feature, you get all the information you need regarding ports in use across your network systems in a single console.

Port audit helps you to


  • Continuously monitor active ports in your network systems.
  • Identify whether the port is UDP or TCP.
  • Filter active ports based on port range such as system ports (0-1023) and registered ports (1024-49151)
  • Identify the number of instances of each active port.
  • portaudit2

    • On clicking instances, you can view the number and details of the executables listening on a particular port on each system.