A leading bank achieves 3-minute MTTA with ManageEngine OpManager Plus

This organization is one of the leading banks in India that offers essential banking services and retail products, such as housing loans, to its clientele. Initially established solely in India, the bank now has expanded internationally, catering to non-resident Indians (NRIs) and customers in foreign countries.

Before adopting ManageEngine OpManager Plus, the bank used a slew of monitoring tools from various vendors to manage its IT infrastructure. The tools did not collaborate seamlessly with each other, which resulted in data compartmentalization and complicated simple monitoring and troubleshooting tasks.

Managing the licenses for these disparate tools made life even harder, leading to tool sprawl and increased costs. Separate tools for each purpose resulted in a lack of comprehensive visibility, an essential aspect for the IT teams to perform quick analysis and identify faults.

The top leadership recognized the inefficiencies and the high costs in the current system and decided to address them. They explored multiple solutions, ultimately zeroed in on ManageEngine OpManager Plus.

Key results:
  • The bank was able to reduce the mean time to acknowledge (MTTA) from hours to minutes and accelerated troubleshooting with OpManager Plus.
  • Using OpManager Plus, the bank was able to consolidate the tools it uses and overcame the challenge of tool sprawl.
  • OpManager Plus gave a complete network overview for the leadership staff and an in-depth analysis view for the IT technicians—all within a unified console.
  • OpManager Plus' user friendly interface helped the organization achieve 100% adoption rate across the organization.

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