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Monitor up to 1K devices from a single server.


64-bit / .exe / 255MB


64-bit / .bin / 220MB
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File SHA256 value
64bit.bin f12ff3b7fbfd2dd814ebd536327c8e27182c676f097a54c7e7abdcd0f3099d39

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File SHA256 value
64 bit (.bin) 2bd81b1b080efdb0de18783c69dcf86ce459ec1ec8e1b79c3078f0cc876561e3

Note: If you're using an older version of OpManager, you may need to download a compatible version of APM Plugin. Please refer this page to find the right version.

OpManager Plus Supports: English, Spanish, Chinese Simplified and Traditional, Japanese, French, German and Italian languages.

If you have any questions about OpManager Plus, feel free to raise a support request and we’ll get back to you.


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