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In this fast-paced world, the success of financial institutions hinges on their ability to deliver seamless banking processes, customer interactions, and financial transactions. This is where OpManager Plus steps in. By placing paramount focus on application, infrastructure, and network performance, our solution enables you to ensure a hassle free and a cohesive digital experience for both internal stakeholders and valued customers.

OpManager Plus, a robust all-in-one solution by ManageEngine offers extensive visibility into every aspect of your critical IT operations. With valuable insights into server and application health, ensure an exceptional end-user experience while maintaining uninterrupted connectivity across your entire network infrastructure. Effortlessly monitor network devices, optimize performance, enhance bandwidth utilization, streamline traffic, govern IP addresses, and manage switch ports—all from a centralized console.

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OpManager Plus enables you to

Monitor and optimize your ITOps by providing real-time insights

Gain real-time visibility into the health, availability, and performance of your network components, including your servers, applications, databases, and resolve issues before they affect your customers.

Ensure total experience for end users

Monitor and track real-time data of user interactions and uncover the performance of your applications from different geographies by using real-user monitoring (RUM).

Increase efficiency and boost productivity

Employ ML and AI to help with anomaly detection, to provide intelligent insights through predictive analytics and to aid in automating routine tasks. This frees up IT admins from repetitive tasks, enabling them to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Streamline your IT infrastructure

Our solution automates device discovery and enables you to effortlessly monitor and track the performance of your growing IT infrastructure.

Comply with industry regulations

Adhere to industry regulations such as PCI, SOX, the GDPR and other relevant standards.

Reduce unnecessary spending

Eliminate financial waste by identifying underused resources and improve cost efficiency by using comprehensive reports on capacity planning, resource utilization, and performance trends.

Did you know?

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has issued several important recommendations to ensure the security and efficiency of banking operations. Some of their recommendations are as follows:

  • Database Monitoring Mandate: In order to bolster security, it is now mandatory for banks to implement comprehensive database monitoring. This measure is essential to track database access and monitor the execution of queries, thereby enhancing data security and preventing unauthorized activities.
  • Server Infrastructure Monitoring: This requirement not only ensures the smooth functioning of banking services but also adheres to regulatory standards set by the RBI.
  • Resource Utilization and Forecasting: Banks are advised to implement robust systems to monitor resource allocation and predict future requirements. This proactive approach contributes to optimized operations and cost management.
  • Transition to SDWAN: The banking landscape has evolved from traditional branch office setups with routers to a more advanced approach involving Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SDWAN) technology. This transition allows banks to enhance connectivity, improve network performance, and ensure secure communication across different branches.

To comply with these recommendations, banks can harness the power of OpManager Plus, an all-in-one observability solution designed to elevate the operational efficiency of their IT processes.

Key highlights of OpManager Plus


    Network monitoring

    Manage all the network devices—like routers, switches, firewalls, wireless LAN controllers, and load balancers—and monitor their availability, response time, latency, and bandwidth utilization (among other KPIs) to ensure that the network is running efficiently.


    Applications performance monitoring

    Monitor and get insights into the performance of critical applications used for tax filing, permit requests, and voter registration. Track critical metrics like page rendering time, download time, and more, all from a centralized place.


    Server and storage monitoring

    Monitor the performance of your databases, as well as web, mail, and file servers. Monitor various parameters of SAN components such as RAIDs, FC switches, and tape libraries.


    Traffic and bandwidth analysis

    Gain real-time visibility into your network traffic and bandwidth usage across interfaces, IPs, access points, SSIDs, and WAN links. Track IPSLAs and eliminate potential network bottlenecks.


    Firewall log analysis

    Investigate specific security incidents by analyzing firewall logs. Security teams can use the search and filter options to identify potential attack patterns or anomalous behavior.


    Configuration management

    Manage configuration changes for all network devices from a single-console with configuration change detection, automatic configuration backups, and scheduled configuration backups, as well as automation for configuration changes and rollbacks.


    Compliance management

    Ensure that your IT infrastructure is compliant with regulations by monitoring access controls, auditing logs, and performing other compliance-related tasks.


    Digital experience monitoring

    Proactively monitor the front end of your web applications with end-to-end transaction tracing to ensure optimum performance.


    Hybrid cloud monitoring

    Monitor your private cloud, as well as a wide range of public cloud services like AWS, Azure, Oracle, GCP, Office 365, and OpenStack, to name a few.


    Database monitoring

    Monitor your database management systems like Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, Azure, and AWS Aurora.



    Streamline IT tasks and reduce manual work with our solution's automation capabilities and enable IT staff to focus on higher-level strategic initiatives.



    Integrate using REST API and WebHook to facilitate seamless communication with various automation tools and platforms.


    AI-powered capabilities

    Detect anomalies: With Adaptive Thresholds, you can identify anomalies in the network and resolve them using OpManager's workflow automation tool.

    Reduce MTTR: OpManager's Adaptive Thresholds work using Machine Learning algorithms which reduce the MTTR of network admins and allow for faster troubleshooting.

    Predict future utilization: OpManager uses existing data to predict future storage, CPU and memory consumption.

Here's what our customers have to say

We have achieved operational effectiveness using OpManager Plus.

An impressive suite of monitoring tools for a great price – and virtualisation hosts are covered.

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