OpManager Plus - Licensing FAQ

Q. If I buy the 100 Devices license pack, how can I use it?

The license can be used based on your requirements. With the 100 Devices pack, you can activate 100 Devices of the Network bundle, 100 Devices of the SAM bundle, or 100 Devices of the Storage bundle. Alternatively, you can split the license among the three bundles as needed. For example, with the 100 Devices pack, you can activate 50 Devices of the Network bundle, 25 Devices of the SAM bundle, and 25 Devices of the Storage bundle, or any other combination of the three bundles amounting to 100 Devices.

Q. I need to monitor 1,000 WLC-based Access Points along with other Devices. How many Devices should I buy?

You would need a 500 Devices pack. With the 500 Devices pack consumed completely in the Network bundle, you can monitor 1,000 Thin Access Points, 500 Network Devices, 500 Flow Interfaces, 5,000 Switch Ports, and 5,000 IPs, along with logs from 2 Firewalls.

Q. I need to monitor 50 Servers and 50 other Network Devices. How can I split the license? Also, do I need to install the APM plug-in?

You need a 100 Devices pack, with the Devices split evenly between the Network bundle and the SAM bundle.

With 50 Devices in the Network bundle, you can monitor a maximum of 50 Network Devices, 50 Flow Interfaces, 50 NCM Hosts, 500 Switch Ports, 500 IPs, the logs from 1 Firewall, and 100 WLC-based Access Points.

With 50 Devices in the SAM bundle, you can monitor a maximum of 50 Servers, 50 Applications, 50 Web Services, and 50 URLs.

If you want to enable the SAM bundle, you need to install the APM plug-in.

Q. How many Firewalls can be monitored with a license pack of 100 Devices?

For Firewall log management, only one Firewall can be managed with a 100 Devices pack. The following table provides the details for Firewall log management broken down by Device pack. If a user wants to monitor only health and performance, they can monitor up to 100 Firewalls.

Device Pack Number of Firewalls in log management
50 1
100 1
250 2
500 3
1,000 5

If the user needs to add additional Firewalls in Firewall log management, they can buy additional Firewalls as an add-on.

Q. How many default users do I get with each license pack? What if I need additional users?

Device pack Number of users
50 2
100 2
250 3
500 5
1,000 10

For additional users, you have to buy the Additional Users add-on.

Q. I need 500 additional Switch Ports; do I need to purchase an additional 50 Device license pack?

Add-ons can be purchased separately for individual components such as Access Points, Switch Ports, IP Addresses, and Flow Interfaces. Therefore, you'll have to purchase an add-on for 500 additional Switch Ports. No need to purchase an additional 50 Device license pack.

Q. I need to monitor APM Insight and Oracle EBS. Will the default OpManager Plus Device-based license cover them?

No, APM Insight and Oracle EBS are not part of the default OpManager Plus Device-based license. They are add-ons to the SAM bundle, so you’ll have to buy add-ons to monitor them.

The following is the list of add-ons for the SAM bundle:

  • APM Insight for Java Web Transaction Monitoring (Add On)
  • APM Insight .Net Agent (Add On)
  • APM Insight Node.js Agent (Add On)
  • APM Insight PHP Agent (Add On)
  • Application Discovery and Dependency Mapping (ADDM) (Add On)
  • End User Monitoring (EUM) (Add On)
  • Iseries/AS 400 (Add On)
  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Monitor (Add On)
  • Oracle EBS (Add On)
  • SAP Monitor (Add On)
  • Siebel Monitor (Add On)
  • WebSphere MQ Monitor (Add On)

Q. Do I need to buy an additional Failover license (high availability)?

No, Failover comes with the default OpManager Plus license.

Q. Since OpManager can monitor servers without the APM plug-in, if I monitor servers by adding them as network performance management Devices from the Network bundle, will that be counted in the Network bundle or the SAM bundle?

We allow servers to be monitored in the Network bundle when added as network performance management Devices. If done so, they will be considered Devices in the Network bundle.

Q. Are IP SLA monitors included in the Network bundle? How are they licensed?

No, they will not be listed in the Network bundle. They have to be purchased separately as add-ons.

Q. How many Devices are available in the trial period?

In the trial period, the user has 1,000 Devices available.

Q. I already bought OPM plus last year and I'm happy with the the options I get. I also have ApM plugin. Do I need to pay more for the new license while renewing my subscription?

You'll have to pay the new Device-based license subscription fee for the required number of Devices. You would not have to purchase the ApM plugin additionally as it is a part of the new license.

Q. When should I go for OPM Plus instead of OPManager + individual addons?

If you have the monitoring requirement of equal number of OPM network devices, NFA interfaces and NCM devices, the new OPM Plus license serves you better than OpManager with individual addons.

Q. Is there an Enterprise Edition for new OpM Plus?

No, as of of now, OpManager Plus has no Enterprise Edition. We are working on its Enterprise Edition to handle distributed architecture. If you have a distributed monitoring requirement, OpManager Enterprise Edition with individual addons can meet your requirements.

Q. Can I move Devices between the bundles?

Yes, as long as the total managed Devices are less than or equal to the maximum number of Devices available in the license, the user can increase or decrease the Devices added to any bundle.

Q. If the same servers are monitored inside both Monitoring component in the Network bundle and in the Server component in the SAM bundle, will they be counted in both Network bundle and SAM bundle?

No, the count will not be doubled. The user will be provided with an option to chose to monitor the server from either the Network bundle or the SAM bundle.

Q. What happens if the user procures an additional license for Netflow modules (for example: 100 interfaces)? Does the user need to consume the additional license first?

Yes, the user needs to fully use the additional license for Netflow modules first. Only when the additional license is consumed will the Devices from the base license be consumed.

Q. Do I need a separate add-on for ASAM (Advanced security analysis module)?

No. ASAM will be supported in OpManager Plus by default and hence, it need not be purchased as an individual add-on.

Q. For monitoring WLC flow, will the user need a separate add-on?

No, Flow monitoring for WLC will be treated as an interface and thus will be accounted for in the network bundle, hence a separate add-on is not needed.

Q. Do third party integrations like ServiceDesk Plus, ServiceNow, Slack, Alarms One and Jira consume Devices?

No, third party integrations do not consume Devices.

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