Enterprise Server Monitoring

Server monitoring is a critical component of many enterprise IT management activities including IT operations management, Datacenter infrastructure management (DCIM), and IT infrastructure management. ManageEngine OpManager Plus provides enterprise server monitoring by providing multi-vendor support to monitor various kinds of servers and critical applications continuously, along with their services and processes. Periodically monitor servers via SNMP and WMI protocols to ensure they're up and running at their optimum performance. Store all data for historical performance tracking and troubleshooting, eliminating the need for multiple enterprise server monitoring solutions.

Enterprise Server Monitoring Tool - ManageEngine OpManager Plus

Real-time server performance monitoring

Enterprise Server Monitoring Software - ManageEngine OpManager Plus

Enterprise Server Performance Monitor - ManageEngine OpManager Plus

OpManager Plus, a powerful enterprise server monitoring tool helps you monitor server performance metrics, such as CPU, memory, and disk utilization, down to the minute using real-time graphs. Also, drill down to a particular time interval to understand more about an issue and fix the problem before it seriously damages your business.

Service and process monitoring

Enterprise Service Monitoring - ManageEngine OpManager Plus

Service Monitor Graph - ManageEngine OpManager Plus Monitoring Service Graphs- ManageEngine OpManager Plus

Discover all the processes running on your servers and view details such as Process ID, Process Name, Process Path, and Process Argument with the help of enterprise server monitoring. Use templates to easily discover, manage, and set thresholds across multiple servers from a single window. Monitor system-level services like HTTP, LDAP, and SMTP, as well as Windows services such as Alerter, FTP, Net Logon, DHCP Server, IAS, and Print Spooler. Configure OpManager Plus, an efficient enterprise server monitor to automatically restart a server or Windows service when it fails.

Demo for Enterprise Server Monitoring

Learn how to track critical physical and virtual server metrics and optimize server performance with OpManager Plus. Register for a free personalized demo today

Enterprise server monitoring tool for different server types

Server Monitoring Types - ManageEngine OpManager Plus

OpManager Plus, a comprehensive, real-time enterprise server monitoring solution goes beyond basic server monitoring by including support for SMTP, POP, and IMAP on your Exchange servers. Monitor over 15 key services and 50 critical variables, including Public Store, Private Store, Received Queue Size, and Sent Queue Size.

URL and script monitoring

Enterprise URL Monitoring - ManageEngine OpManager Plus

Monitor URL - ManageEngine OpManager Plus

With OpManager Plus' efficient enterprise server monitoring you can perform website monitoring for sites with NTLM authentication and both HTTP and HTTPS. Monitor PowerShell, Linux shell, VBScript, Perl, and Python scripts.

Looking for a dedicated enterprise server monitoring solution? Learn more about ManageEngine OpManager.

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