Authentication Bypass - CVE-2022-36923

Severity: Critical

CVE ID: CVE-2022-36923

Product name Affected Version(s) Fixed Version(s) Fixed On
OpManager Plus
OpManager MSP
Network Configuration Manager
NetFlow Analyzer
Firewall Analyzer
Customers with builds between 126113 and 126117 126118 27-07-2022
Customers with builds between 126100 and 126103 126104 28-07-2022
Customers with builds 126000 and 126001
Customers with build 125664 126002
Customers with builds between 125450 and 125656 125657


The lack of proper request handling mechanism had resulted in unauthenticated access of the user API key. This has been fixed now.


Anyone can retrieve the API key of a valid user without authentication and can access the external APIs.

Steps to upgrade:

  1. Kindly download the latest upgrade pack from the following links for the respective products:
  2. Apply the latest build to your existing product installation as per the upgrade pack instructions provided in the above links.

Important steps to follow post product upgrade: It is highly advisable to regenerate the APIKey for all the users once after the upgrade. To regenerate an API key, click on the Personalize/Quick settings (near user icon) icon, select the 'Rest API key' tab and click on the 'Regenerate Key' option.

Source and Acknowledgements

This vulnerability was reported by (Anonymous working with Trend Micro Zero Day Initiative). Find out more about CVE-2022-36923 from the CVE dictionary.

Kindly contact the respective product support teams for further details at the below mentioned email addresses:

Video Zone
OpManager Customer Videos
Altaleb Alshenqiti - Ministry of National Guard - Health Affairs
  •  IT Admin from "Royal flying doctor service", Australia
     Jonathan ManageEngine Customer
  •  Michael - Network & Tech, ManageEngine Customer
     Altaleb Alshenqiti - Ministry of National Guard - Health Affairs
  •  David Tremont, Associate Directory of Infrastructure,USA
     Todd Haverstock Administrative Director
  •  Donald Stewart, IT Manager from Crest Industries
     John Rosser, MIS Manager - Yale Chase Equipment & Services
  •  Mohd Jaffer Tawfiq Murtaja, Information Security officer from Al Ain sports club
     Venkatesan Veerappan, IT Consultant
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