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Scaling enterprise IT operations for the new normal - The challenges and solutions

How you manage your IT can be the difference between your business’ success and failure. When your network starts to increase in size and spreads across multiple locations, it can introduce a lot of challenges. To thrive in today's market space, especially after the pandemic, the IT elements tied to your business must be monitored efficiently, yet differently—which is where IT operations (ITOps) management comes in.

The major roadblocks for enterprises while managing their ITOps are increased operating expenses (OPEX) and capital expenditures (CapEx) while scaling, reduced visibility without centralized management, decreased productivity while manually taking up processes that can be automated, non-adherence to internal and external compliance standards, hidden problems while integrating monitoring tools, and little to no accuracy in ITOps analytics, which affects capacity planning and load balancing. While overcoming these challenges is key, enterprises should also start embracing new digitization technologies to stay relevant, agile, and productive to sustain hybrid workforce conditions.

Get ready to accelerate your enterprise ITOps management by joining us in our free webinar.

Agenda - What is in it for you?

[11.00am - 11.20am] | Pradeep will talk about:

  • Major IT operational challenges faced in Birlasoft.
  • Capabilities offered by ManageEngine solutions to address enterprise IT challenges.
  • Integrating ManageEngine IT operations management (ITOM) solutions to your existing platform.

[11.20am - 12.05pm] | Suresh Bagavathy will offer tips on:

  • Scaling and managing ITOps across branch offices from your network operations center without increasing CapEX and OPEX.
  • Visualizing critical network paths (or links) to improve troubleshooting from a central control.
  • Embracing technologies such as SD-WAN and Zero Trust to align with Branch of One for the new normal.

[12.05pm - 12.50pm] | Sathyanarayan will share insights on:

  • Accelerating database performance in the enterprise.
  • Delivering a digital-first experience for your customers.
  • Bridging visibility gaps in hybrid cloud monitoring.

[12.50pm - 01.00pm] | Live Q & A, fun polls

Webinar highlights

  • Learn from the comfort of your workplace
  • Get instant assistance from product experts via live chat
  • Participate in enterprise-related polls

About the speakers

  • Pradeep Patil
  • Pradeep Patil | Guest speaker

    Tools Architect at Birlasoft

    Birlasoft's Pradeep Patil is a tools architect with over 15 years of experience with large-scale deployments of enterprise IT tools. He is an expert in identifying solutions, blending them with existing processes, and optimizing them to achieve digital transformation. He will be joining ManageEngine as a guest speaker to emphasize how ManageEngine ITOM helps Birlasoft resolve its ITOM challenges in a distributed network. His insights combined with real-time scenarios will give you an idea on how your enterprise can obtain maximum benefits by deploying our solutions.

  • Suresh Bagavathy
  • Suresh Bagavathy | Host

    Senior Technical Evangelist at ManageEngine

    Suresh Bagavathy is a senior technical evangelist at ManageEngine, a division of Zoho Corporation. In the last 13 years at ManageEngine, Suresh has given several talks and has led multiple training sessions at ManageEngine events while also putting his skills to use for product consultation and large-scale implementation of our solutions. Suresh also closely works with our technical support teams. He has helped customers with his technical know-how, which has also helped him understand what customers are looking for, and actively contributes to product management.

  • Sathyanarayanan
  • Sathyanarayanan | Host

    Technical Consultant at ManageEngine

    Sathya is a technical consultant with the ManageEngine Applications Manger team. With over 10 years of expertise in technical support, he has conducted numerous training sessions, demos, and installation sessions on large-scale networks. He is also an expert speaker and shares valuable, up-to-date information on latest trends and best practices in hybrid cloud, database, and applications monitoring at international seminars and user conferences conducted by ManageEngine.

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