OPM MSP free training

Join our free training to design a successful strategy for your multi-client network monitoring and management game. This two-part training covers OpManager MSP's different modules and helps you gain holistic visibility and control over your multi-client infrastructure thereby enabling you enhance your client networks' performance.


On-boarding and monitoring multi-client networks

March 6, 20246 AM GMT & 11 AM EST | Duration: 1 Hour

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Client network visualization & fault management

March 13, 20246 AM GMT & 11 AM EDT | Duration: 1 Hour

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On-boarding and monitoring multi-client networks

OpManager MSP provides a simplified client onboarding system pre-equipped with over 8000 device templates. With discovery rule engine, MSPs can automate arduous labor like adding monitors and multi-level thresholds to each monitor which helps in monitoring critical metrics efficiently with deeper visibility.


  • Introduction to OpManager MSPOpManager is designed for MSPs to provide a customer-centric, efficient and seamless monitoring and management solution for multi-client infrastructure placed over different locations.

  • Hardware & Software requirementsLearn about the hardware and software requirements for central and probe devices.

  • Client onboarding with easeLearn how to install OpManager MSP at your client location and discover devices effortlessly with automation.

  • Performance, Script, URL, Process, Services, Eventlogs, Syslogs MonitoringLearn about various robust monitors and it's uses to monitor the multi-client infrastructure efficiently and proactively.

  • Powerful and efficient monitoring templatesLearn how to find the right mix of monitors and multi level thresholds for your client's network.

  • Dashboards, Widgets and NOC views for deeper visibilityLearn how to access the visualization tools for gaining unified and in-depth visibility into multi-client networks.


Client network visualization & fault management

Gain logical view into multi-client infrastructure down to the smallest detail with the powerful visualization tools in OpManager MSP which helps proactively identify and troubleshoot a network issue faster. Thus, reducing MTTR and achieving optimum network performance.


  • Client network visualization with MSP Learn how to gain the right amount of visibility to understand the performance of a client's network.

  • Complete visibility with Business views and Layer2 maps Learn how to discover new devices/interfaces and visualize the network connectivity of your client's network.

  • Visualize with Maps and 3D floor views Learn how to visualize a multi-tenant network down to its smallest detail.

  • Multi-client network visibility & fault management Learn how to gain in-depth visibility into multi-tenant infrastructure, also learn proactive fault management techniques.

  • Prompt notification and alerting system Learn how to configure a notification profile to receive prompt and concise alerts on a preferred communication channel.

  • Unified alerting with ITSM Integration - SDP MSP Learn how to manage multi-client network issues from a single ITSM platform.

  • Seamless network configuration management  with NCM add-on Learn how to expertly manage your client's configuration and compliance woes.

  • Simplified troubleshooting with workflows Learn how to automate basic L1/L2 operations with OpManager MSP's powerful out-of-the-box workflows.

  • Reports for forecasting and analyzing Learn how reports help in forecasting network issues and proactive troubleshooting.

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