ManageEngine Log360 vs AlienVault USM

A strategic threat intelligence approach to stay ahead of attacks

From detecting and analyzing to responding and reporting security incidents, Log360 provides a
comprehensive incident analysis solution along every step of the way.


What makes Log360 the better choice

Log collection made easy.

With both agent-based and agent-less log collection available, you get to choose what is best for your business.

Forensic investigation made easy.

Forensic analysis will help analyze machine-generated logs to understand the cause of security incidents.

User authentication made easy.

Utilize Active Directory and RADIUS server based user authentication techniques apart from an in-built local user authentication mechanism that comes with Two-Factor Authentication for additional security.

Get customized reports with Ask ME.

Make use of pre-defined reports on event logs or have the freedom of creating your own report with our Ask ME feature.

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About Log360

ManageEngine Log360, an integrated solution that combines ADAudit Plus and EventLog Analyzer into a single console, is the one-stop solution for all log management and network security challenges. This solution offers real-time log collection, analysis, monitoring, correlation, and archiving capabilities that help protect confidential data, thwart internal security threats, and combat external attacks. Log360 comes with over 1,200 predefined reports and alert criteria to help enterprises meet their most pressing security, auditing, and compliance demands.

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