Setting up security alerts in your network is fundamental to detecting and mitigating breaches in your organization. While SIEM solutions in theory can help you, achieving effective real-time alerting for security events of interest is easier said than done.

What are the security events you need alerts for? While there is no straightforward answer to this, events such as account lockouts, malicious file executions, and unplanned escalations of privileges are common examples of alerts that every security team needs. Download our free e-book to learn about five critical security alerts you need to set up in your network.

This e-book will: 

  • Elaborate on five security alerts you need to be on the lookout for including login failures and account lockouts, server shutdowns, security group membership changes in Active Directory, and more.
  • Help you get started with achieving auditing by implementing a SIEM solution in your environment.
  • Introduce you to ManageEngine Log360, which can help you easily set up security alerts with its pre-built auditing capabilities.


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