How ready are you
for the GDPR?

The race to comply with the GDPR is on. Take this small quiz to understand if the GDPR applies to you, or how far ahead or behind you are in being compliant with the security mandates of this new law. 

Take the survey
  • 1. Is your company located in the EU?

  • 2. Does your company handle the below listed personal data of the EU citizens?

    • Name
    • Location data
    • Health, financial, or economic information
    • Identification number
    • Online identifiers
      (IP addresses, RFIDs, cookies)
    • Social, political, or religious views

You do not need to comply with GDPR.

The new GDPR regulation is only for organizations which are located in the EU, or handle personal data of EU citizens. "Personal data" can refer to the name, identification number, location data, online identifiers (IP addresses, RFIDs, cookies), health, financial, or economic information, or social, political, or religious views of EU citizens. So relax! There is no immediate need for you to comply with the GDPR mandates. :)