Did you know that  one in every thirteen web requests led to a malware attack in 2017*? Also, database tops the list of assets affected by  data breaches. 

To cope with these security attacks, and to defend your critical resources and confidential data from breaches, you need a security solution. In fact, you need an all-in-one solution that can detect, defend, and destroy threats in your physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

And we say, Log360 will be your perfect partner in securing your network. Because, it comes bundled with these capabilities.

  • Extensive web server auditing
  • In-depth database monitoring
  • Active Directory change auditing
  • Privileged user monitoring
  • Integrated threat intelligence

And much more! Don't just take our word for it. Go ahead and try the product by  yourself. 

As part of our limited period offer, you're entitled to claim a 45-day exclusive evaluator license along with a personalized demo by our product expert. We would not like you to miss this opportunity. Register right away. 

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