Accounts, privileges, and misconfigurations

IT admins work with different types of accounts as part of their daily routine. Each of these accounts has specific functions and permissions to carry out administrative or system-related tasks; but over time, certain management mistakes or configuration errors can leave these accounts, and therefore the organization, susceptible to breaches.

In this e-book, we will revisit the different types of accounts IT admins are already familiar with, and learn about:

  • Various forms of attacks on these accounts.
  • Common oversights, configuration errors, and management mistakes.
  • Tips to safeguard these accounts from abuse.

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Threat level

Low Medium High
Threat level

The guest account

For the special occasions when you have guests.

The consultants:

Users with an expiration date; accounts for the temps.

The domain users:

The standard, the non-privileged.

The privileged users:

The kings and queens, the power users of your environment.

The local administrators:

The super or root users of your local system, a big threat.

The service accounts:

The security context for Windows and enterprise services.

The krbtgt account

The account that generates access; always present, but seldom messed with by administrators.

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