Worried about IT security auditing and compliance?

Our comprehensive suite of auditing tools empower you with extensive reporting and alerting capabilities that can help secure your enterprise and also meet compliance mandates. Simply select the features you are looking for and our technical consultants will schedule an exclusive personalized demo for your requirements at your convenience.

Compliance management

Our solution provides preconfigured reports that help meet requirements of various compliance regulations. The reports can be associated to alerts that ensure you are notified of security threats. This way, you can easily implement security measures in your enterprise and provide data pertaining to these controls to your auditors.   

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SIEM (Security Information and Event Management)

Choose the activities that you wish to perform.

  • Collect, correlate and archive event log data from your Windows devices with a wide range of predefined reports and alert profiles to easily track critical system events, application crashes, and more. 
  • Audit log data from network devices including firewalls, routers, switches, IDS/IPS and be alerted for events that pose a threat to the security of your network.  
  • Analyze syslogs generated by Unix devices in real time with predefined reports and alert profiles that allow you to monitor system events, account changes, sudo command executions, and more. 
  • Secure confidential data stored in SQL and Oracle databases by monitoring important events such as DML and DDL changes, user account and server activity.  
  • Secure your Active Directory infrastructure by receiving real time alerts for critical events such as security group membership changes. 
  • Boost application security measures by auditing usage trend and errors occurring on IIS and Apache web servers. 
  • Easily track successful and failed account logons. Find out which accounts have the most failed logons, the ones that have been locked out, and the reason for the lockout.  
  • Track important events occurring in your Office 365 environment such as user logon/logoffs, inactive users, malicious email spam, and more with predefined reports and alerts.
  • Keep internal threats under check by tracking every logon, access and action performed by privileged users. Monitor user session activity on the network to detect anomalies.
  • Combat cyber attacks by detecting malicious traffic in your network with a built-in STIX/TAXII feeds processor and augmented global threat IP database.   
  • Secure confidential data with file integrity monitoring. Know who made the change, which object was changed, when the change was made, and what the changed value is. 
  • Detect and thwart the proliferation of ransomware on Windows file servers and proactively mitigate the attack by shutting down the affected systems.