Why attend

The cost of data breaches to companies has been increasing over the years. This is a big concern for security teams and business stakeholders going into 2019. While preventive security solutions are still crucial to security operation centers, robust incident detection mechanisms are the need of the hour. SIEM solutions have a pivotal role to play, but deploying and effectively managing them is not easy.

In 2018, we hosted 44 seminars in over 26 countries, interacting with over 3000 IT administrators. We noticed that several administrators had similar pain points in deploying and managing SIEM solutions, and we compiled a list of questions that we commonly received from our audience.

Based on our findings, we are now hosting our first ever IT security talk show. In this session, Vivin, our senior technical evangelist, and Siddharth, our product specialist, will share tips, best practices, and other crucial aspects about SIEM. This interactive session will be driven by use cases and practical action items that you can implement in your organization to boost your security posture.

Topics of discussion

  • Latest trends and challenges in SIEM
  • Important security events you need to watch out for in your network
  • SIEM attack mitigation use cases
  • How to select a SIEM solution: questions to ask your vendor
  • Overview of Log360, ManageEngine's comprehensive SIEM solution