Why attend

Improve your security incident management process today.

It's safe to say that no organization is completely immune to threats. You need to constantly monitor events occurring on your network to detect incidents that indicate potential threats. You may already have a system in place for this, but what comes next once you actually detect an incident?

Well, you need to analyze all incidents, identify which ones are actual threats to your network, prioritize incidents based on threat level, and take action to mitigate those threats. More importantly, you need a solution with powerful security incident management capabilities to do this efficiently. 

In our upcoming webinar, we'll go over the importance of proper security incident management and the benefits of integrating your incident management tool with your SIEM solution.


In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • How to detect security incidents and threats.
  • The different stages of dealing with security incidents:
    • Incident detection
    • Incident analysis
    • Incident resolution
  • The role of incident management in your security strategy.
  • How SIEM solutions aid effective incident management.
  • A typical use case on managing incidents with Log360, our comprehensive SIEM solution.