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Protecting your organization against zero-day vulnerabilities

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The recent Proxylogon vulnerabilities in Microsoft's Exchange servers shows how easily organizations can be compromised when loopholes are exploited. This proves that having a strong SIEM framework is necessary if you need to protect your organization from zero-day vulnerability exploits.

We'll take a deep dive into the process of these Proxylogon attacks and use this information to establish steps you can take to keep your organization secure from similar zero-day attacks using a strong SIEM framework.

In this webinar, we'll discuss:

  • What zero-day vulnerabilities in Exchange servers are.
  • How attackers exploited the Proxylogon vulnerabilities.
  • How to check if your organization has been compromised.
  • Preventive measures to protect against such vulnerabilities.
  • Damage control in case your organization is compromised.

Presented by

Jay Reddy, IAM expert.A sought after speaker on the latest IAM and cybersecurity trends in international conferences and seminars. Authored numerous e-books and research studies that help business leaders with insight and advice on leveraging the latest technology for better IAM and cybersecurity.


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