Manually Backup and Restore Database

How to manually backup and restore the database in M365 Manager Plus?

Back-up M365 Manager Plus database

Make sure to stop M365 Manager Plus, before taking a back-up, .

If you are using a pgSQL that does not come bundled with the product, follow the steps listed below. If not, start from step 4.

  1. Navigate to <Installation_Dir>\data and open postgresql.conf.

    Note: <Installation_Dir> here refers to the location where you have installed your pgSQL.

  2. Modify wal_level=archive in the postgresql.conf file.
  3. Copy the folders lib and bin, and paste them in <ManageEngine_M365_Manager_Plus_Installation_Dir>\.
  4. Start Command Prompt as an administrator (right-click command prompt and select 'Run as Administrator')
  5. Navigate to <M365_Manager_Plus_Installation_Dir>\bin folder by using the cd command. By default, the path to installation directory is C:\Program Files\ManageEngine\M365 Manager Plus.
  6. Now, execute the command backupDB.bat to backup the database.
  7. A folder named Backup will be created at M365 Manager Plus installation directory (By default: C:\Program Files\ManageEngine\M365 Manager Plus Backup) and it will contain the DB back-up in compressed file format.

Restore M365 Manager Plus database

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