Migrate Server

How do I move M365 Manager Plus to a new server?

To move M365 Manager Plus to a new server. follow the steps listed below.

Note: Please upgrade M365 Manager Plus to the latest build using the Service Pack before migration. And, do not uninstall M365 Manager Plus from the old machine until the new installation works fine.

  • Navigate to <install_dir>/conf (By default: C:\ManageEngine\ M365 Manager Plus\conf)
  • Open database_params.conf file in a text editor and identify the database that is being used by M365 Manager Plus in your environment.
  • If the database is MySQL or MS SQL, then contact M365 Manager Plus support for further guidance.
  • If the database is PostgreSQL, then continue with the following steps.
  • Stop M365 Manager Plus (Start → All Programs → M365 Manager Plus → Stop M365 Manager Plus if it running as an application, or Start → Run → services.msc → Stop the 'ManageEngine M365 Manager Plus' if it is running as a service.)
  • Open command prompt as administrator.
  • Navigate to <Installation directory>\bin
  • Run 'backupDB.bat' file to back up the database of your current installation. This will create a folder named 'Backup' in the installation folder. By default, C:\Program Files\ManageEngine\M365 Manager Plus. This folder will contain the database in compressed file format.
  • Backup patch files, if you have any. Take a copy of the Patch folder present in M365 Manager Plus installation directory (By default: C:\ManageEngine\M365 Manager Plus)
  • Download and install the build of the same number on the new server.
  • Stop M365 Manager Plus after installation on the new server.
  • Paste the Patch folder under the M365 Manager Plus installation directory (By default: C:\ManageEngine\M365 Manager Plus)
  • Copy and paste the compressed database backup file created from the old installation in the following location on the new server: \M365 Manager Plus\bin (By default: C:\ManageEngine\M365 Manager Plus\bin)
  • In the new server, open the command prompt as an administrator.
  • Navigate to <Installation_Dir>\bin.
  • Execute the 'restoreDB.bat' file from the command prompt using the compressed DB file.
    For example: restoreDB.bat compressed_file_name.zip
  • Start M365 Manager Plus. (Start → All Programs → M365 Manager Plus → Start M365 Manager Plus)
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