How to check admin activity in Microsoft 365

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Microsoft 365 administrators, who make sure your organization runs in a hassle-free manner, possess many important permissions and roles. However, there is no provision to create and delegate granular roles in Microsoft 365, and this can lead to elevated rights and permissions to certain admins. This is why it's vital to keep a close eye on admin activities, and make sure that these delegated Microsoft 365 permissions are not misused.

M365 Manager Plus, an intuitive Microsoft 365 reporting, management, auditing, alerting, and monitoring tool, provides predefined reports that help you track admin activities seamlessly. This tool, when compared to Microsoft 365, is easier to navigate and provides comprehensive reports and graphical dashboards that drastically cut down the time needed for administration.

Steps to check admin activity using M365 Manager Plus

  1. Go to Audit under Auditing & Monitoring.
  2. Navigate to Exchange Online → Exchange Activity → Activities by Exchange Admins.
  3. Enter a Period for report generation.
  4. Filter by Domains or Business Hours if required.

The report gets generated instantly. Take a look at the chart on the top-right of the report to get a summarized view on the major admin activities. You can pin this chart to the dashboard if you wish. You can also schedule the report to get regular updates, which are shared to all the configured stakeholders via email.

Highlights of M365 Manager Plus

  • Over 700 intuitive geolocation-enabled reports.
  • Scheduled reports and alert profiles for real-time updates.
  • Virtual tenant support for simple and granular delegation of Microsoft 365 administration.
  • Customizable templates to manage bulk users, groups, and contacts.
  • Keyword and pattern-based mailbox content search.
  • 24x7 monitoring of all Microsoft 365 services and endpoints.
  • Custom help desk roles to delegate rights and permissions to technicians.

Learn more about how M365 Manager Plus simplifies complex Microsoft 365 activities.