How to check user activity in Microsoft 365

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With work from home quickly proliferating in the wake of the pandemic, it's more critical than ever to keep a close eye on user activities. This is especially true when it comes to managing Microsoft 365. There are numerous services and endpoints in Microsoft 365, and keeping an eye on user activities can be tedious and tricky.

M365 Manager Plus, an intuitive Microsoft 365 reporting, management, auditing, alerting, and monitoring tool, helps you track user activities in all Microsoft 365 services around the clock. It keeps a log of all the information related to users, changes made, and their corresponding timestamps. This information is presented in the form of comprehensive reports, which can be fetched at any point of time.

Steps to check user activity using M365 Manager Plus

  1. Go to the Reports tab under Management & Reporting.
  2. Navigate to Other Services.
  3. Choose the required Microsoft 365 service.
  4. Go to the Usage Reports category under each service, where you will find individual user activity reports.
  5. Enter the Microsoft 365 Tenant and Period for report generation.

Schedule these reports to get instant updates, which are shared to all the configured stakeholder's email addresses. You can customize and filter the reports based on the criteria you prefer, and export them as PDF, CSV, HTML or XLS.

Highlights of M365 Manager Plus

  • Over 700 intuitive geolocation-enabled reports.
  • Scheduled reports and alert profiles for real-time updates.
  • Virtual tenant support for simple and granular delegation of Microsoft 365 administration.
  • Customizable templates to manage bulk users, groups, and contacts.
  • Keyword and pattern-based mailbox content search.
  • 24x7 monitoring of all Microsoft 365 services and endpoints.
  • Custom help desk roles to delegate rights and permissions to technicians.

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