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Skype for Business Active Users report

Skype for Business Active Users report

Active users are those who have participated in at least one peer-to-peer session or conference in Skype for Business.

M365 Manager Plus's active users report outlines the Skype for Business usage in your organization. The report provides the count of active users on a daily basis. It also has a breakdown of the active users based on the features of Skype for Business they have used.

The details provided in the report include:

  • Date
  • Active users
  • Tenant name
  • Active IM users
  • Active audio users
  • Active video users
  • Active app sharing users
  • Active file transfer users
  • Active PSTN users

You can schedule the report to be generated at designated intervals and exported and emailed to you in PDF, HTML, XLS, or CSV formats. You can also use the built-in filters to retrieve data. For example, get information based on user ID, tenant name, and more.

Know all about your Skype for Business users and their activities.

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