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Skype for Business reports

M365 Manager Plus, the complete Microsoft 365 solution, offers extensive preconfigured reports to proactively manage your Skype for Business environment. The information in these reports will arm you with the knowledge necessary to ensure continued service without downtime. These reports are a better alternative to both Microsoft 365's native tools, which lack the detail you need, and complicated PowerShell scripts. You can schedule when the reports should be generated and export them to PDF, XLS, HTML, and CSV file formats.

Report types

Active users: This report gives you a clear picture of the overall daily use of your Skype for Business environment. You can view the total number of users who have participated in at least one peer-to-peer or conference session. You also get a breakdown of the number of users who have used IM, audio, video, app sharing, file transfer, and PSTN peer-to-peer or conference sessions.

Client devices: This report gives you the number of users who have signed in and taken part in peer-to-peer or conference Skype for Business sessions with various devices (Windows computers, mobile phones, and tablets). It also displays metrics pertaining to the number of users using Windows-based operating systems, Windows phones, iPhones, iPads, and Android phones, so you can effectively monitor usage trends.

Client devices per user: This report displays the number of peer-to-peer and conference sessions that a particular user has attended using their various devices (Windows computers, mobile phones, and tablets).

Peer-to-peer sessions: This report reveals the total number of peer-to-peer sessions conducted in your organization on a typical day. You can also view the breakdown of peer-to-peer sessions that included audio, video, instant messaging, application sharing, and file transfers.

Peer-to-peer time: This report displays the total time (in minutes) spent by your users in audio and video peer-to-peer sessions to help you monitor your peer-to-peer sessions and make informed decisions.

Conferences: This report shows you the total number of Skype for Business conferences happening in your organization on a daily basis. You can also view the number of conference sessions that included audio, video, instant messaging, app sharing, and file transfers.

Conferences time: This report lets you view the total time (in minutes) spent by your users in audio or video conference sessions to help you better monitor your conference sessions.

PSTN usage: This report gives a detailed look at your Skype for Business users' public switched telephone network (PSTN) usage on a daily basis, including information such as the unique id, telephone number, call ID, call type, location, currency, call charge, date timestamp and Microsoft 365 account ID.

PSTN conferences: PSTN conferencing allows your users to attend Skype meetings through their telephones. This report gives you an eagle's eye view of these conference sessions, including details such as the total number of minutes spent by users when dialing-in and dialing-out of PSTN conference calls.

M365 Manager Plus also provides built-in filters to trim down your Skype for Business reports so you only see the information you want. It even lets you save this information as a separate report that can then be viewed alongside all the other preconfigured reports.

M365 Manager Plus' Skype for Business reports offer a script-free approach for complete visibility into your Skype environment to help you make informed decisions for better management.

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