Remotely troubleshoot issues on mobile devices

As an IT administrator, you've probably come across issues such as malfunctioning devices, failed client installations, apps that just keep crashing, and so on. Chances are you've resorted to conventional troubleshooting methods, like email, chat, or phone calls, in an attempt to resolve these issues.

But these methods are often time-consuming and tedious for admins, and in the extreme case where an end user is in a different time zone, troubleshooting the issue at hand can be a nightmare.

Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP solves this problem with its remote control feature, helping admins remotely troubleshoot end users' devices in real time.

The remote control feature in Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP helps you quickly resolve support request, no matter where end users are. View their issues first-hand instead of talking them through the problem over chat or a phone call.

Effortless, real-time support over-the-air.

  • Remote control (Samsung Android devices only)
  • Remote screen sharing via Wi-Fi or cellular data
  • No extra installed agents
  • Compatible with devices running Android 5.0 and above
  • Compatible with devices running iOS 11

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